Posted By Tanya Newberry @ Oct 19th 2019 11:12am In: Lake of the Ozarks MO Real Estate

As colder nights start to lower the water temp at lake of the Ozarks Crappie fishing heats up! Crappie will come into the banks and shallower water starting in mid to late October until late November. 

Bait fish such as shad can be found by the millions on points that the wind is blowing into. Where you find these huge sources of bait fish you will find Crappie and Bass below them. The fall season gives shoreline anglers a second opportunity to bring in big numbers of Crappie at Lake of the Ozarks in addition to the Spring Spawning that historically marks Crappie Season at Lake of the Ozarks. So if your are seeking an outdoor activity that results in the best table fare that can be pulled out of Lake of the Ozarks hit the lake from Mid October through late November and enjoy a great Crappie fishing outing on the Midwest Coasts Lake of the Ozarks! your Lake of the Ozarks Realtor and resource expert. 

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