When it comes to getting your house ready to sell, making that good ‘first impression’ with some added curb appeal is a necessity! You’ll stand out in front of the pack and get more potential buyers to look at YOUR house first! Trust us, it'll be time well spent!

Just like window shopping at your favorite clothing store and having a beautiful display draw you in, that’s the first thing a potential buyer will see when looking at YOUR home for the first time. Whether it’s online, from their car or on a boat, you want them to imagine this being ‘their’ home when they walk in for the first time!

Follow these 10 tips to prepare your home and make a beautiful first impression!

  1. Is it Clean? Start with a family meeting and let your children know you’ll be showing your property and that it needs to be clean. Store toys, bicycles and any other outside items in an out-of-the-way place, or consider donating anything you’re not using or needing to charity. If possible, wash the exterior siding and give it a fresh new look. 

    Wash windows inside and out and if possible, consider adding blinds or window coverings for a simple added touch. This will also help with cooling & heating costs in the summer and winter months.....bonus! You’d be amazed how new home buyers consider these 'little' things and how it helps with their final decision in choosing the right home.

    Do you have a boat dock? If so, free the path so it’s easy to get to and clean out any surrounding clutter. From a lake view, this will be the main focal point!

  2. Landscaping. Take a walk out to your street and look at your property as if you were a potential home buyer. Are all bushes and shrubs trimmed up nicely? Have any of these died and need removed or replaced? Need to replace/repair any Malibu lights or water fountains? Is anything overgrowing another area of your front yard? Consider adding fresh new mulch, flowers, and if the budget allows, well-placed landscape lighting. This will create a beautiful and welcoming setting for newcomers. Some will come back at different times of the day when the sun is going down so be aware of this and have your lighting on for a few hours after dark.  Note that a buyer will look at all of these things and evaluate how much it will cost them to replace and/or fix and may offer you a much lower price if they start adding up.

  3. Pest Control. The Lake of the Ozarks is host to many different types of bugs and spiders and it’s necessary to keep your home free of these pests while showing your home. Check your driveway, trash receptacles, bay windows, porch, decks and docks weekly and make sure they’ve all been sprayed, are free from debris, and that no one ends up walking through a spider web during their visit! You want to guarantee your showing is pleasant and a good experience for everyone.

  4. Front Door. Your front door is the gateway into your home and should be showcased as such and updated regularly to be in style with current trends. Adding a beautiful floral accent for example, will make your home more inviting and tell your potential home buyer how much you ‘care’ about how your home looks, both inside and out! A good cleaning may be all your front door needs to be free from fingerprints and smudges, however, a fresh coat of paint may also be necessary as we all know it takes a lot of abuse from day-to-day traffic and will start to show it’s wear over time. White works on any door, but don’t be afraid to get creative and add some color with a nice contrasting trim on flanking windows and transom. Door knockers or door plates are nice additions, especially if your home doesn’t have a doorbell.

  5. Front Porch. If your home has a front porch, make sure it has a bit of art staged in just the right places. Just enough to make things look interesting and welcoming. Accessorize with a theme, but don't take it too far. This is the Lake, and home buyers expect to see nautical themes and vacation friendly décor.

  6. General Upkeep. If you are considering painting your home, we recommend waiting until right before you list it. Consider securing any shutters or addressing any garage doors that have weathered or show signs of damage and fix accordingly. Even if your entire home doesn't require a fresh new coat of paint,  painting only the shutters could be just what it needs to give it that extra "WOW” factor!

  7. Vehicles. If you have a large family with multiple drivers, try to have an orderly parking arrangement for everyone. Encourage all family members to stick with your parking plan at all times, especially during a showing so you don’t ‘turn off’ any potential buyers. You don’t want any potential buyers to drive up, then drive away if they don’t have anywhere to park.

  8. Mailbox and Trash Enclosures. As simple as it sounds, make sure your mailbox has a fresh coat of paint and is standing straight up. If you have a trash enclosure, make sure this is also clean and has no lingering odors. Home Buyers want to know you've cared for every detail of your home from the first thing you see outside, to the minor details inside. 

  9. Pets. If your dog or other outdoor animal routinely does his ‘business’ in the yard, it’s important to keep it cleaned up on a regular basis. Left in the yard, this can be a real turn off for both pet and non-pet owners, especially if walking through and around the property. It's an attractant for flies also!

  10. Yard Maintenance. While marketing your home, it is important to have your yard mowed on a regular basis. Depending on weather conditions, this might mean weekly or every other week. Keep leaves and yard rubbish free from all areas. Make sure your trash and/or yard waste receptacle is not overflowing, and keep your water hose rolled up and yard tools property stored out of sight. Weeding flower beds and rocked areas every few weeks in the Ozarks is a must. Edging around sidewalks and driveways adds a nice finishing touch. Just keep in mind a well manicured yard leaves a lasting impression with any home buyer!

We hope these tips will help you when considering how to get the most curb appeal out of your home and make it look as inviting as possible. For additional information in all areas of selling your home, please contact us at Ozark Realty, and we’ll do our best to help you market and sell your home.